A Level Maths Tutor

ELITE Tuition offers various types of A-Level Maths tuition to best suit the student’s needs.  With a 100% A or A* Grade success rate, parents can rest easy that their child’s future is secured. Students can take sessions in one of our many sites, at their own home or take our online tutorial sessions.  (For more information, please read below.)

Each of courses available will cover the entire curriculum and complete our exams technique programme to ensure the top grade.  Students may select the course that best fits their situation.

All of our tutorial sessions are one to one, and are available online or face to face.  Our expert tutors will email reports of every lesson, listing what is covered and how the student is progressing towards the A or A* target grade.

Students will learn from our own resources which are completely consistent with the exam board syllabus, and has proven to massively help students with their school work.

The prices for Tuition programmes vary but start at £40 per hour for individual A-Level sessions.  Further discounts are also arranged for annual payments.  For more information, contact us here.


Which type of Tuition is right for you?

At ELITE Tuition, we pride ourselves in our ability to ensure our students achieve the A or A* grade.  This is why all of our sessions are taught one to one with a suitably qualified teacher to give the right individual attention following the cognitive and academic needs of the student.

Regardless of where the sessions take place, the tutor will deliver the tuition necessary teaching and assessment to ensure the top grade is achieved.  Students can choose to take their sessions at our sites and online.  Since our tutors are all given a laptop with specialist equipment and software, online sessions can be offered to students who usually come to our sites.  This way, if a student cannot physically get to us, they do not fall behind.

Students opting to have tutorial sessions at home will be asked to pay for the tutor’s travel rated at the same price as the tutorials (minimum 1 hour charged for travel).

A-Level Mathematics programmes

ELITE Success AS / A2 Programme

For students in either Year 12 or Year 13 looking to learn the entire AS or A2 programme thoroughly, gaining extensive exam technique.  Students on this programme will be automatically admitted to the ELITE Tuition Exam Workshop to learn all of the exam tricks necessary to achieve an A*.

A2 students taking this programme will receive support with their UCAS application (including Personal Statements and Interview support) for free.

ELITE AS / A2 Further Maths programme

For students in either Year 12 or Year 13 taking Further Maths.  Similar to the Success programme, all students will automatically attend the ELITE Tuition Exam Workshop.

One Year Intensive A-Level programme

For students who wish to cover the entire A-Level in Mathematics or Further Mathematics in one year.  The number of sessions necessary will depend on the student’s needs, which will be ascertained during the Consultation.

Advanced Extension Award

For students who are taking the AEA in Year 13.  This is an 8 week programme which will teach a student how the AEA is designed and what are the common tricks needed to succeed.


For more information about these courses or to arrange a FREE Student Consultation, email info[at]elitetuition.com or freephone 0800 612 9545.

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“Maths classes at ELITE were really fun.  I grew really close to my classmates and we studied together during exam time.  The worksheets we got really helped us through the exams.”

S Patel – Started with a grade C, achieved A. Studies Pharmacy at Portsmouth.
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