Do you suffer from Exam Anxiety?

Unhappy with A level resultsEver sat in an exam panicked?  Frozen with mind block.  Ever looked at the exam questions afterwards and thought “I could have done that”?

3 / 5 students suffer from some form of exam anxiety.  Whether it is getting a mental block or freezing under the nerves of the exam pressure.  At ELITE Tuition, we formally recongise this as a element to be conquered to get the A* grade.  We are offering our expert tips in this free booklet below:



February 1st, 2014 Author: Sati

How to do A-Level Maths Past Papers

Maths ExamAs we approach the summer exams, students will start their campaign of past papers. There are many Do’s and Don’t’s when it comes to doing past papers. The key point to remember that the real exam will have to be sat under exam conditions, without anyone or anything assuring you that you are doing questions correctly. It is best to emulate that as closely as possible.

So when doing a past paper:

1) Sit the paper under exam conditions. Do not use any study aids or guides to help you.

2) Do not mark the paper until you have completed it. It is tempting to look at the mark scheme while you are doing the paper, but this is terrible for developing examination technique.

3) Mark the paper harshly. If you’re unsure if what you’ve written should earn the mark, then you probably haven’t. But do feel free to check with your ELITE Tutor.

4) Make sure you understand why you didn’t get the marks on the questions which you’ve done incorrectly. Do you need to revise this topic, or did you simply not spot the trick.

5) Place a Post-It note on each question you still do not understand for your ELITE Tutor. Go through how to do these questions and make sure you know how to get EVERY SINGLE MARK.

6) Record each trick that you have learnt into a separate file which you can review to remember.


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January 12th, 2014 Author: Sati

Top 5 New Years Resolutions for Education!


A huge Happy New Year from us at ELITE Tuition!

As we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in 2014, with hopes and dreams of a successful year, the teaching experts of ELITE Tuition would like to share their pearls of wisdom.


Number 1:  Decide you’re going to be successful in Education

Often the difference between those who do well in life and those who don’t is choice.  At some point, a person has decided that they are going to be successful no matter what.  Make that choice.

Number 2:  Ask more questions in class

Your teacher is there to help you learn and will welcome any questions about the topic being taught.  If there is something you don’t understand, or something that is unclear, ask.  The teacher will happily go through and answer your questions.  But be warned, you have to pay attention.  There’s nothing more embarrassing than asking about something that the teacher has already explained clearly.

Number 3:  Start homework the day it is set

Educational experts agree that starting a piece of homework or a project is the most difficult part.  They also agree that the easiest point to start a piece of work is the day it is set.  Everything is fresh in the mind.  Once something is started, it is far easier to finish.

Number 4:  Review your work from time to time

At ELITE Tuition, we know that the biggest mistake students make is assuming that they will remember everything they have learnt at the time of the exam.  But that’s not always the case.  We know that the  brain makes better quality connections when the same topic is reviewed a month after.  Also, it will help you identify anything you may have forgotten so you can ask your teacher / ELITE Tutor to go through it.

Number 5:  Read forward

Take a look at the next topic you will be covering in school.  You don’t need to study it in detail, but just have a bit of an understanding of what the topic is about.  This way, when the teacher is covering the topic, you’ll find it easier to understand.  It only takes 7 or 8 minutes to skim a topic that you’re about to learn.  The idea is not to learn the topic in detail, but to know what the topic is about and what you will be trying to answer / solve.

With these top tips, you will skyrocket to the top of the class.  For other great educational top tips, please see our other blog posts.


December 31st, 2013 Author: Sati

Teachers illegally gamble with children’s future

Strict teacher with pointerHeads of Mathematics in some schools are gambling with children’s future.  How?  By making every student take the Higher Tier GCSE Mathematics, even those of lower ability that should be taking the Foundation Tier.

To achieve the passing C Grade in Mathematics and English is the top priority for schools and forms a big part of their position in the league table.

To score a C grade in the Higher Tier exam requires only 30% compared to 75% in the Foundation Tier exam.  But is it okay for a school to force all children to take the Higher Tier?

“The kids only need to get 30% to get the C grade so we only need to teach half of the course.” – Roger Mathews (Head of Mathematics).

However, it is illegal not to cover the entire GCSE Mathematics course with children under the UK Education System.  These heads of departments are breaking the law and gambling with the children’s future.

If you are afraid that your child should not be taking the Higher Tier exam, or that you wish to know what else can be done to help your child succeed in GCSE Mathematics, click here.

December 28th, 2013 Author: Sati

How to pass GCSE Maths

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Ten Top Tips to Guarantee you Pass GCSE Maths Student preparing for exams

GCSE Maths is compulsory and is needed to get into University and for many jobs.  Sadly, one in three students fail GCSE Maths and those who pass may not get a good enough grade.  Below are the Ten Top Tips guaranteed to get you a good passing grade in GCSE Maths.

Tip 1 – The Value of Homework

Think homework is just to keep the teacher happy?  Think again.  Education experts know that the human mind is very similar to a muscle.  The more it practises maths, the more it remembers, learns and can recognise patterns.  Doing homework on time is a sure way to consolidate what you have learnt in class, identify what you don’t know, and give your brain the consistency needed to push for the top grade.  Take a look at the 24 Hour Homework Rule for more details.

Tip 2 – Write to your future self

The single biggest secret to the 100% A* Grade success rate of ELITE Tuition is that we tell our students that you must assume you WILL FORGET EVERYTHING you learnt by the time you sit the exam.  85% of students assume that just because they understand something now, they will still remember it at the time of the exam.  That is not true.  Write details in your notes to your future self.  Nobody is a better teacher to you than yourself.  Do this religiously and you will never ever fail.

Tip 3 – Ask your teacher, ask your teacher and ask again if necessary

Your teacher is there to help.  If you don’t understand something, it’s your teacher’s fault.  You didn’t pay attention, that is your teacher’s fault.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.  But if you fail, that is YOUR fault.  That is your problem.  You will not get the opportunities.  You will not get into university.  You will not get that job.

Tip 4 – The internet is your friend

We live in a wonderful time where you can YouTube practically anything.  For GCSE Maths, there are even more sites dedicated to help you succeed.  Wonderful websites such as Khan Academy, GCSE Maths and Maths (links below) have excellent videos, worksheets and resources.  Best of all, they are FREE!!  Watch these videos after you have learnt a topic.  The effect on your memory is outstanding.

Tip 5 – Get used to exam style questions early

Your GCSE will be an exam.  Not a lesson.  Not a teacher asking you a question.  Not the questions in your text book.  Learn exam technique.  Find out HOW the exam asks questions.  Find out how an exam will link topics together.  Find out how the marks are allocated.  You can get exam style questions without having to look at past papers by going to websites such as MathsNetGCSE and BBC Bitsize (links below) and downloading exam style questions by topic.  Do this after your homework and ask your teacher about questions you don’t know how to do.  Surprisingly, your teacher will be happy that you did this.

StuckinmathsTip 6 – Get stuck in Maths

What was that??  Get stuck?  Why would that lead to success?  The GCSE Maths exam will definitely ask you questions you have no idea how to answer.  You need to problem solve.  You need to write down what you know and see what you can find out.  So do the harder questions.  Don’t skip them.  You need to practise being stuck and figuring out the answer.  If you master this, you will conquer GCSE Maths.  Your school teachers are excellent at doing this.  Many of the times when you ask them a question, they are doing this and it looks effortless.

Tip 7 – Rewind and Review

Every now and then, look at your Maths notes and try and do some of the questions you were set back then.  You can look at work you were set a month ago, or even six months ago.  See if you can still answer the questions.  If you can, great.  If not, look at your notes and see if you can figure it out.  Usually, it all comes back but sometimes you need to ask your teacher just to explain something. If you review your work like this, you will remember it at the time of the exam.  Very clever learners will ensure that everything gets reviewed.  They are the ones who become successful.

Tip 8 – Know your exam board

Visit your exam board’s website.  Look at the resources they have posted online.  You will be shocked at how easy it is to get past papers, mark schemes, worksheets and other great things.  Also, if there are any changes to the style of the questions in the exam, they’ll tell you on their website.  Click on your exam board to be forwarded to their website: EdExcel, OCR, AQA, WJEC.  You should visit their website from time to time and look our for notices about your course.  They will tell you where you can get fantastic resources.

Tip 9 – Past papers, past papers, past papers and past papersiStock_000016853747XSmall

There is literately no better way to master exam technique than to actually do past papers.  These should be done when revising and done under exam conditions.  Do all of them.  Do them twice.  Write Q cards explaining how to do the tricky questions and write model answers.  If you do enough past papers, you will see patterns.  You will begin to see what the examiner is looking for.  It’s the next best thing than having the actual answers to your exam.  The value of this simply cannot be understated.  You can get past papers from the exam board websites and other sites such as Maths Made Easy.

Tip 10 – Find your natural learning style

The single biggest hurdle to learning GCSE Maths in school is not being taught in the way that you naturally learn.  Your preferred learning style is as unique as you are.  Some are visual learners while others are kinaesthetic.  Some learn by examples and others need to be taught logically from first principles.  ELITE Tuition offer free learning assessments to any student regardless of whether you are looking to take tuition with us or not.  Our assessments are performed by learning specialists and educational psychologists.



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Resources and Links

Khan Academy -

GCSE Maths -

Maths -

MathsNetGCSE -

BBC BiteSize -

December 19th, 2013 Author: Sati

Issues with your school teacher?

Unhappy with A level resultsEver had an argument with your school teacher?  Do you sometimes feel that Sir has it in for you?  The teachers at ELITE Tuition have written this to help you.

Studying for GCSEs and A-Levels at school can be difficult.  If the constant piles of homework aren’t enough, there are the pressures of doing well and issues with your friends to deal with.  The last thing you need is a teacher who just seems to hate you.  What can you do?

This may seem rather difficult to believe but the teacher that gives you the hardest time is probably the teacher who cares about you the most.

Remember that teachers are people too.  They have to go home and do things that can be fun or stressful too.  You may not realise that teachers are also under a lot of pressure.  All teachers answer to someone, no matter if they are a Head of Department of even the Head Teacher. So what can you do if you find that your teacher is just constantly behind hard on you?

Try saying “Thank you for the lesson.” at the end of each lesson.  Even if it feels fake and insincere, your teacher will appreciate that you took time to walk over and say it.   It creates a better mood.

Ask yourself “Have I done what the teacher has asked of me?”.  This may be the most common cause to getting told off by a teacher.  It’s one thing to talk in class, but quite another if you have repeatedly been asked to stop talking.

Sometimes issues persist.  Though this is rare, it is our responsibility to advise you on what to do if you feel that your issues with your teacher are causing you real stress and it begins to affect your health or your school work.  In these situations, it is very important to tell your form tutor, and your head of year / house.  Teachers are split into academic and pastoral.  If you don’t know who you can speak to, please ask and the teachers will tell you.  Be open to the advise that they give you.  You may need to take things further if things are really serious.

October 21st, 2013 Author: Sati

Rise of the ELITE Tutor Supermum

Working Mother Holding Sleeping Baby

Having a baby is an exciting time for a mother, but giving up work for a year can be a career killer.  With over 60% of first time mothers choosing not to return to work, this can hit the family income hard.  We at ELITE Tuition believe we have found the answer.

With over 95% of our tutorial sessions taking place over Skype, we have opened up our recruitment to allow mothers with new borns (from 2 months onwards)to apply and work from home, teaching our easy to deliver mathematics programme.

ELITE Tuition has an ever growing army of young mothers and other qualified mathematics teachers, whom for various reasons have not been able to return to the classroom.  We recognise that our teacher colleagues are able to contribute to our teaching arsenal and are delighted at the way we can offer exciting teaching opportunities which are consistent to their parental duties and personal circumstances.

We wish to open this platform of opportunity to all whom have made career sacrifices to be at home.  Be it for a new born baby, or to take care of a loved one, dealing with an illness or to consider a possible career change, working from home as an ELITE Tutor may be the best way forward.

We are looking for highly motivated Mathematics Teachers with a QTS or equivalent qualification and encourage mothers to apply for one of our part time vacancies.  These can be done by clicking here.



October 13th, 2013 Author: Sati

The Best London Maths Tutor

ELITE Tuition are proud to win the Award for Best London Maths Tutors having achieved our sixth consecutive 100% A / A* for A-Level Maths, and a third year running at 100% A* at GCSE Mathematics – Higher Tier.

Best Maths Tutor in London

“The key to becoming a successful Maths Tutor is to carefully monitor how the student is learning mathematics and focusing on how to apply these to unfamiliar techniques.” says Ian Giles, Co-Founder and expert maths tutor.

With the rising competition for spaces at top universities and graduate jobs, having a Grade A in GCSE or A-Level Mathematics has never been more critical.  Many maths tutors will offer superb teaching and coaching but fail to achieve our level of success.  We believe that a maths tutor should be a qualified teacher with a proven track record of teaching excellence and intimate knowledge of exam technique.  There are vast quantities of resources available for GCSE and A-Level Mathematics and yet only a small amount of these reflect the style and structure of exam questions.  It is the job of a good maths tutor to pick these out and use them to develop exam technique.

The ELITE Tuition teaching programmes follow our own carefully designed teaching resources w

hich are tailored to each exam board, and focuses on every permutation to which an examiner can test the topic.  This preparation has not

yet failed to yield in Grade As for our students.

We know of no other maths tutors in London or anywhere else in the UK whom can boast such a claim.  However, we would welcome to hear from our colleagues from other teaching institutions who would like to learn our winning formula for achieving Grades As in the hope that we can raise the standard of teaching and learning in the UK.

If you are a maths tutor, please contact us so we can share our best practises and raise the standard of tutoring.

ELITE Tuition regularly posts articles which offer valuable advice and resources for students taking GCSE and A-Level Mathematics as well as the best way to tackle past papers and develop exam technique.

Follow us @elitetuitionand keep updated with our articles and blogs.

September 24th, 2013 Author: Sati

Vital advice from former students about starting AS

Studying for C3 / C4Congratulations!  You have just got your results for your GCSEs and are probably having mixed emotions.  Some of you will be very happy and looking forward to celebrating, while others will feel that they could have done better.

For those of you going into Sixth Form or College to start your AS studies, these following students have kindly given their top pieces of advice in hope that you will not only have a great time but also get the best grades.

“This year, there are no January sittings so MAKE SURE you do all past papers early.  You’ll need time to figure out how the A-Level style questions are different.  If you rely on natural talent, you will fail.”  -  Simon York

“Universities will look at what you get in your AS exams, and schools will make predicted grades based on your AS exam results.  Make sure you ace these if you want to go to a top university.” – Hannah O’Pray

“Everyone told me GCSEs are hard but I did last minute revision and got As.  I tried that at AS level and I got Ds.  A Level isn’t hard but it certainly isn’t something you can do last minute.” – Nikesh Patel

“The questions in the textbooks don’t necessarily match the questions in the exam.  Make sure you do all of the past papers.” – Rajesh Pandya

“Make sure you ask your teacher if there’s something you do not understand.  A-Levels go deeper into things and topics build on each other.  If you are unsure about something, don’t ignore it.” – Matthew Wallice

“Ask A2 students for help.  They are in the college with you and they have already gone through your year.” – Graham James

“Pick a few past papers that you will never look at while studying so that you can use them as an authentic mock.  You won’t see your real exam beforehand and you need to practise that.” – Manish Joshi

“Don’t get behind with your schoolwork.” – Phillip Oluwo

For more hot tips or to discuss these, please follow us @elitetuition or like our Facebook Page.

August 22nd, 2013 Author: Sati

Top Ten Tips Of A Maths Tutor

Maths is one of those subjects that more kids struggle with than any other in the academic curriculum. Many children, kids and teens need tutors to survive maths programs because they can be very difficult. But a maths tutors are not just for children, they are also for college and university students trying to get their education. Unfortunately, maths courses can be really challenging and can negatively impact their grade point average.

Elite Tuition is an online math tutoring program that is that offers you a guarantee of developing high understanding and therefore achieve high grades. All you need is a computer, broadband connection, headset, an email account and a printer and you are ready.

Top tips of a maths tutor for his/her students:

1) Make sure you complete all assignments – This is important because the assignments are the training ground for all exams.

2) Take courses that you know you can achieve. – Do not take unnecessary courses that will be hard for you and add pressure. Take the necessary courses for your study plan.

3) Make sure your attitude is correct for exams – Preparing for an exam and completing an exam is very stressful. Many students are so afraid of their grade that impairs their preparation. Make sure you are ready, and emotionally free from fear.

4) Eat smart – Yes, eating is important when studying but eating the healthy foods is even more important. Avoid sugars and chocolates and try to eat proper meals, fruits or other healthy snacks.

5) Avoid social media – When students are revising they should not be on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. These are huge distractions for students. Maths requires your full attention and you should not allow controllable distractions to detour you from your studies.

6) Look to the future – No matter how overwhelmed you may feel, the revision period will be over very quickly so keep looking to the future.

7) Don’t let all the work get to you – Yes, there is a lot of work but it can all get done.

8) Place Post-It note – Place post it notes on each question that you do not understand so your tutor can review and make sure you are able to answer all the questions.

9) Avoid study aids – When doing a past paper, make sure to avoid study aids or guides to help you. Treat it as an exam.

10) Focus on learning – Reset your focus to learning rather than achieving a specific goal. Do not think in terms of “if I pass or fail”, but rather, “I need to be able to answer the questions”

April 15th, 2013 Author: amanjot

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“I failed GCSE Maths at school and needed to get a C for Uni.  I joined ELITE and they have a special programme for people in my situation.  The booklets and questions the gave me seemed really easy after the lessons and before I knew it, I was scoring really high on the past papers.”

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