How do ELITE achieve such a high success rate of A grades?

The ELITE programmes have all been designed by highly skilled teachers and examination officers, and are geared at making sure a student has all of the skills and tools necessary to get the top grade.  Our tutors are extremely dedicated and ensure that students have these skills before the exams.

Can I still get an A / A* if I start after September?

Absolutely!  Though you will need catch up on any work missed.  To see our success rate for students starting after September, click here.

Will the ELITE programme help me with my School work?

Yes.  All of our teaching material follows the National Curriculum.  Our students usually learn material at ELITE first, and find it fun to practise at school.  Also, if any student has problems with their school work, we would be happy to help with that too.

Do you offer the choice of tutor?

Yes.  Each suggested tutor is required to offer you a free trial lesson to ensure they are a good fit.

How often are the Tuition sessions?

All tuition programmes are once a week tuition sessions, aside from the One Year Intensive programmes.  The One Year Intensive programmes are typically two or three tuition sessions a week depending on the student’s needs.

How much homework will I be set?

Usually between one and two hours of homework a week.  To ensure the student receives the top grade, the ELITE tutor will adjust the amount of homework if it becomes necessary.

Will I have to buy any books or material to take the ELITE course?

No.  ELITE Tuition will provide ALL teaching material needed.

Does it matter if I am taking Statistics / Mechanics / Decision Maths?

No.  ELITE Tuition has teaching programmes for all of the modules in the A-Level and Further A-Level course.

Which Universities to the former ELITE students go to?

Click here to see Testimonials of some of our former students.

What is the free student assessment consultation?

To ensure that every student succeeds, we tailor the tuition specifically for each student.  That is why we invest in assessing the cognitive profile of every student before starting the tuition sessions.  The consultation time is also an opportunity to ask questions about the ELITE programmes, or about the A-Level course.

Can I have a copy of my cognitive profile?

Yes.  We are happy to provide our cognitive assessment in writing regardless of whether or not the student chooses to continue at ELITE.

How do I join?

Email info[at]elitetuition.com or freephone 0800 612 9545.

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"I thought my AS Grade would make it impossible to go to LSE. I am so glad I joined when I did. I would not have gotten into Uni without them."

S Patel – Started with a Grade C, achieved A*. Studies Economics at LSE
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