10 fatal mistakes you will make over this exam half term

It’s finally Half-Term.


You have been sitting exams and studying long hours for what feels like forever. Time for a well deserved rest, right?

Below are 10 fatal mistakes that will cost you marks in your exams over half term.


1) Not taking enough breaks!

stressed student revising

You need breaks to keep sharp and boost memory. It is easy to work until you feel too tired to continue. That is a mistake!! You will lose productivity, trick yourself into thinking that you are prepared when you are not, and you will lose marks in the exam.


2) Too much caffeine!!

caffeine drinks

Caffeine can be very helpful in revision. It can stimulate you when you are feeling tired. However, there is a “sleep debt” that must be paid. Caffeine stays in your body for up to two days. Drinking too much caffeine will eventually leave you in a zombie like state which is pointless. Use caffeine sparingly.


3) Thinking you have more time than you do


Half-Term is only one week long. Use this time to get ahead with your revision and exam preparation. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have lots of time to focus on things that are not important. Use the extra time to catch up on sleep and exam papers.

If you are finding yourself not able to sleep because of Exam Anxiety, then fill in the form below for a free support guide.

4) Messing up your sleep pattern


Staying up late and drinking caffeine may seem like a good idea at the time, but you will build up a “sleep debt” that will crash hard during the exams next week. If you want to perform your best, stick to a good sleep routine.

(If you find that you are losing sleep because of Exam Anxiety, download the free Exam Anxiety Survival Guide.)



5) Revision is not just reading


A fatal mistake many students make is mistaking “reading” for “revision”. Revision is the ability to recall and apply the information you have learnt. That is why it is vital that you practise writing your essays and completing the past papers. If you just read, you will not get the experience of papers and lose valuable marks.

6) Watching a new TV show / new movie


Yes we all know that new Game of Thrones episodes comes out on Mondays but is now the right time to watch them?

Educational Psychologists have proved that taking in new information (such as watching a new movie or listening to new music) while revising can create associations. This takes up cerebral activity (brain power) that you could be using to getting more marks.

7) Forgetting your friends are secretly revising too


We all see the fun that our friends are having. We forget that they are studying hard too. It is easy to compare with what you think your friends are doing and get too distracted.

If you do have a friend who you suspect is not revising enough, tell them. 

8) Not getting the support you need

student support

This is the time to ask for help! What you do after the exam is pointless. You don’t want to be looking at the exam paper online and wish you worked harder or took a revision course. 

Call us now or click here to get some fantastic support specifically designed for half term revision.

(If you are suffering from Exam Anxiety, download our Exam Anxiety Survival Guide.)


9) Losing the Revision Gold


Half Term is not the time to forget about your Revision TimeTable and Cue Cards. This is the time to be consistent. The brain works better when you work consistently than when you try and leave things to the last minute.

Don’t take any days off in Half Term. A day away from revision can set you back a week. Stay focused and get ahead.

10) Not drinking enough water


Yes!  That’s right. You will lose huge marks if you do not drink enough water. Doctors have proven that mild dehydration can effect cognitive functionality (brain power) by up to 30%. That is a lot of difference.

Drink a healthy amount of water (around 2 litres a day). It will boost memory, regulate sleep and make you feel a lot better.


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