A-Level Maths Revision Course + Master Exam Technique


“I cried when I saw the look on my parent’s face when I jumped from an E Grade to an A* in A-Level Maths. I can’t recommend ELITE Tuition enough.” – Sarah Newton (studies Economics at Nottingham)

Are you ready for your A-Level Maths exams?

Sarah sat gobsmacked as she saw her A-Level Maths results. Tears fell down her face as she saw an A* next to the words “Advanced Level Mathematics”.

She thought back to her school mock exam where she only scored an E Grade. Her teachers advising her that sitting her Maths exams this year may be a mistake. She felt crushed.

Sarah had high hopes of studying Economics at Nottingham University and needed to achieve at least an A Grade. She felt her dream fade away under the crushing fear of how unprepared she was for the exam.

How ELITE Tuition can help

Sarah’s parents searched for any help that could give her the extra help she desperately needed. After finding ELITE Tuition, they contacted to receive a free study aid advice session.

Our expert team quickly found the reason why Sarah’s learning was not working. We created a tailored plan to:

  • Cover gaps in knowledge
  • Cover common examination style questions
  • Break down the difficult tricky exam questions
  • Master the exam techniques to achieve the top grade.

Working with Sarah one to one, we were able to boost her grade to an impressive A* Grade. Our tutors are available to face to face visits in all UK major cities, and online via Skype available nationwide.

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“I never thought I’d need tuition for Maths, but I decided to try the consultation.  I found out about so many of my weaknesses.  I’m really glad I joined ELITE when I did.”

J Shah – Started with a grade B, achieved A*. Studies Economics at UCL
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