Ace your GCSE Maths calculator paper

Are you prepared for the Calculator GCSE Mathematics exam? Did you find the first one hard? Let’s get you ready for the next one!


“I got an A* in my GCSE Maths even after they predicted me a D. ELITE got me to easily master the trickiest A* questions. Felt really confident going into the exam.” – Nathan Moore

With 100% of our GCSE Maths students achieving an A* Grade, we know precisely what calculator questions are most tricky and how you can master them.

We have made a sample set of tricky A* Calculator GCSE maths questions which we will happily send you. This pack covers the tricky questions that the most students fail to answer correctly.

Get ready now

Fill in the form below and we’ll send you these questions for to look at. But by filling out the form below, we will happily offer you a 30 minute Skype session to explain the answers and the tricks in detail, for free! (Usually, this would have cost you £32.00.)

If you cannot fit in this free session, we will happily email you the model answers in a separate email.

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"I thought my AS Grade would make it impossible to go to LSE. I am so glad I joined when I did. I would not have gotten into Uni without them."

S Patel – Started with a Grade C, achieved A*. Studies Economics at LSE
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