Admission Tutor Medical UCAS Personal Statement review

Have a former Oxford University expert Doctor, and former admission tutor check your Personal Statement.

35,000 students, like you are applying for Medicine. Almost all of you will have similar predicted grades and UK CAT score. But only 30% of you will make it to interview. The importance of your personal statement cannot be overstated.

Would your Personal Statement get you to interview?

We have the good fortune to team up with Dr Sinclair Steele, an highly qualified Doctor whom has qualifications from Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham and Warwick Universities. In his time, Dr Steele has worked on the medical admission team at each of these universities.

Dr Steele has offered to review UCAS personal statements for Medicine for students who would like to check that they have covered all of the key competencies required to proceed to interview.

Only service available that is performed by a former Admission Tutor

Sadly, no other service online would provide feedback from an expert in the Medical admission process. At best, one can only guess what the Medical Admission Tutors at your university are looking for, and whether or not you have correctly shown this.

Fortunately, Dr Steele has extensive knowledge of what the top Medical courses require from applicants to gain admission and has helped hundreds of previous students reach their goal of studying at their chosen universities.

We are happy that Dr Steele has generously offered some time to review your personal statement and give detailed feedback on how and where your personal statement could be improved to ensure you reach the interview.

Limited availability, offered first come, first serve

Given the limited time between now and the 15th October UCAS deadline, and Dr Steele’s busy schedule, we are only able to offer a detailed personal statement review and feedback service to 35 applicants.

What we are offering

We are happy to offer 35 students you the chance to ensure your personal statement:

  • Convincingly expresses your desire to study medicine, avoiding cliches and providing evidence,
  • Highlights your suitability to study Medicine and work as a Doctor,
  • Is checked against the Medical Admission Tutor check list for core competencies (which will be included in your feedback report),
  • Receives feedback and detailed notes on how to improve to ensure you express your best application,
  • (Optional Extra) Work closely with Dr Steele and take advantage of his professional writing acumen to edit your personal statement after the review.

How much will this cost?

No payments are made at first. You simply express your interest below. Should we be able to provide the service, we will contact you to make a safe PayPal payment.

The personal statement review with extensive feedback is charged at £109.00. Should you wish to work with Dr Steele to improve and edit your personal statement, this will be made available online via live Skype chat at the price of £80.00 per hour.

Is service guaranteed?


If we cannot offer the service to you within 3 working days, we will notify you and inform you when we can complete the personal statement review and / or edit.

Should payment be made, and then not be possible, we shall offer you a complete full refund supported by PayPal’s Buyer Protection policy.

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