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Now that you have received your GCSE grades and are looking to commence your AS courses, we at ELITE feel it is best to share some pearls of wisdom from our expert tutors and former AS Maths students.

Parents, teachers and other advisers insist that your A-Levels are perhaps the most important exams you will sit and that they are quite challenging.   Unfortunately, many students who were successful at GCSE do not achieve the grade they want at AS Level.  Why is this?

A recent study at the Department of Educational has found that many of these students fail to work consistently throughout the AS year and struggle with their exam preparation.  In a recent survey, students admit that they underestimate how much more difficult the AS examinations are compared to the GCSE examinations, despite some of the material overlapping.

The survey also outlined a common belief that AS exams were easier than they were advised.  Many of the students surveyed recalled being told their GCSE examinations would be challenging and despite this, many students were still able to achieve strong grades with last minute preparation.  Unfortunately, the AS Maths course is significantly more challenging and students who leave their preparation until the last minute achieve a grade lower than their potential.

With the rising competition for top universities, a poor grade at AS can mean the end of a dream.  The travesty here is that a student needs to know the correct way to work consistently throughout the year and the correct way to prepare for AS and A-Level examinations.  It would seem there is no other way to avoid this mistake.

We aim to help students taking the AS Mathematics course by providing short term goals and structured support to ensure that at all times, the student is on course for the A grade.  We advise our students to pay careful attention to school, gain exam technique and experience early and self assess to ensure they are prepared.



August 29th, 2012 Author: Sati

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“My parents told me to take tuition just to check that I was on top of my school work.  But the way I was being taught, I was always ahead of school.  I only scored a B at GCSE but I got an A* at A-Level.”

B Patel – Started with ELITE Tuition, achieved A*. Studies Medicine at Kings College, London.
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