AS Maths Summer Booster Programme

Sitting AS Maths next year? Get an A!

Our Summer Booster programme will cover the high level topics that you will be covering next year and where students usually lose marks.

The Summer Booster programme is available locally in person, or can be taken online via Skype. All of our programmes are taught one to one, so it covers precisely what you need to achieve the A Grade.

Getting ahead in AS Mathematics is very important if you want to ensure that you get the grades necessary to apply to a good university.

You will cover the following key topics:

  • Core Mathematics 1 module (specific to your exam board),
  • Particular focus on surds, indices and inequalities,
  • Particular focus on quadratics, discriminants, and exam applications,
  • Particular focus on sketching curves and coordinate geometry,
  • Any gaps in knowledge from GCSE Mathematics (such as algebraic fractions),
  • AfL and PLI development and how to use it for your other AS subjects,
  • Focus on bridging the gap between GCSE and A-Level exam techniques.


“The jump to A-Level from GCSE is much bigger than you realise. I am so glad I was prepared with the Summer programme.” – Sarah Petra (achieved A* in A-Level Maths)


How does it work?

By filling the enquiry form below, we will contact you to arrange your free learning assessment and trial lesson. You will get a great taste of what we offer before you decide whether or not to take the booster programme.

After the learning assessment and trial lesson, we will suggest the best programme for you so that it easily fits into your summer plans and will ensure that you achieve the A* Grade with the least effort and work.

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"I joined ELITE Tuition after my AS year and was shocked at how rapidly I improved. The coaching I got helped my other subjects too."

E Jackson – Started with a Grade B, achieved A*. Studies Maths at Oxford.
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