Assessment for Learning (AfL)

What is Assessment for Learning?

AfL is the process to which a student uses assessment material to guide his or her own learning, with the guidance of a skilled and experienced teacher.

The purpose of AfL is to move the control of the learning form the teacher to the student, which rapidly improves motivation and effectiveness.

Unfortunately, students are not able to understand the academic assessment progress further than answering the questions set. We find that by explaining how the exam questions are made, how the examiners link various topics together and how marks are allocated, students rapidly improve in learning.

All students want to do well. They also want to do as little as possible to ensure that they do well. AfL is the most efficient educational technique currently employed.


Does it just mean looking at exam papers?


AfL means letting students understand what is expected of them ahead of, or during the learning process. For example, how to use algebra, or draw the correct graph, or how to construct the correct essay plan and what to include.

Based on the assessment processes, the student will evaluate how well their learning is correlated to the assessment criteria and determine if they are learning effectively. This is formally addressed and recorded.

This may include exam past papers, but typically includes worksheets, open ended questions and other deliverables.


How do ELITE Tuition use AfL?

The development of AfL and other cutting edge learning techniques is priority at ELITE Tuition. Our techniques of learning are a decade ahead of what is available in mainstream education. We are proud to publish a six year long 100% A / A* Grade success rate at both GCSE and A-Level Mathematics, regardless of starting grade.

Tutoring sessions at ELITE Tuition will heavily involve AfL and Perpetual Learning Improvement (PLI) strategies, with there being a formal report written on each session, documenting what was covered and how well the student is progressing.

At ELITE Tuition, we formally instruct our students in the methods used by the examination boards to create assessment material, mark assessment material and link various sections of the syllabus together. In addition to this, we formally record the development of the student’s ability to tackle unfamiliar and tricky questions. This is simply not done at any other educational institute (school or otherwise).


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“I really loved going to ELITE Tuition for my GCSE Maths.  I thought their booklets were really amazing and easy to follow.  I wished they taught the subjects I’m taking for A-Level.”

E – Chare – Started with a grade B, achieved A*. Did not need Maths at A-Level.
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