What is Summer Holiday Learning loss?

Long awaited Summer Holidays are secretly destroying children’s education. Every student longs for the exciting joys of playing in the Sun, seeing friends, going on holiday and sleeping in til late. Six straight weeks of utter bliss as there is no sight of school. But how much of an impact is such a long break […]

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7 Steps to an A* at A-Level Maths

Admit it, if you are reading this you want the A* Grade at A-Level Mathematics.  You want to go to the best university and get a degree with a bright future ahead.  Below are the 7 steps to an A* in A-Level Maths.   1)  Know C1 well! The first 5 topics on Core 1 […]

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What to look for when choosing your A-Level tutor?

Do you need help in your A-Levels?  Are you looking to secure a place at the top universities?  This may be the right time to find a tutor and avoid the last minute mad scramble for less qualified and able tutors near exam time. But when looking for a tutor for A-Level, what do you […]

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Do you suffer from Exam Anxiety?

Conquer Exam Anxiety What is exam anxiety? The feelings of stress that cause you to freeze in exams, or make silly mistakes can be described as exam anxiety. In some cases, it causes you to lose sleep or eat poorly during the revision period. Despite the best preparation, exam anxiety can cause you to lose valuable […]

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How to do A-Level Maths Past Papers

As we approach the summer exams, students will start their campaign of past papers. There are many Do’s and Don’t’s when it comes to doing past papers. The key point to remember that the real exam will have to be sat under exam conditions, without anyone or anything assuring you that you are doing questions […]

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Vital advice from former students about starting AS

Congratulations!  You have just got your results for your GCSEs and are probably having mixed emotions.  Some of you will be very happy and looking forward to celebrating, while others will feel that they could have done better. For those of you going into Sixth Form or College to start your AS studies, these following […]

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“ELITE Tuition is so different from the other maths tutors I’ve had.  The were very organised and knew exactly what I was doing at school.  My tutor gave me so much support whenever I got stuck.  I wish schools taught me this way.”

H Tsung – Started with a grade D, achieved A*. Studies Mathematics at Kings College, London.
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