The Cognitive Assessment

iStock_000020432813MediumAre you a student who struggles with Maths?  Are you parent who wonders how your child learns?  We at ELITE Tuition believe that identifying the way a student thinks is vital to ensuring they achieve the A grade.  It is for this reason that founder and leading Educational Learning Specialist, Sati Kudhal ensures all of our prospective students receive a free detailed cognitive assessment.

So what is a cognitive assessment?

A cognitive assessment is a thorough analysis of how a student learns, processes information, sorts and allocates data in the mind and how the student recalls information. But how does this help a student do learn Maths better? Our brains uses unique systems to process and recall information. Knowing about these while teaching and learning allows a student to learn more effectively. Much like trying to drive a car in only one gear, learning without thinking about how we are processing information ultimately limits our speed.

Our cognitive assessment looks at many factors such as how the student records information, create systems to manipulate data and also regards the student’s behaviour to difficulties.

The one thing that we can all be certain is that a student will get stuck at some point.  With the pressures on the examination boards to make GCSE and A-Level exams harder, well prepared students are still finding exam questions tricky and unfamiliar.  It is for this reason that we identify how students currently react when stuck, and formally teach them ways to better problem solve in these situations.

A common misconception is that a student is either a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner.  This is about as accurate as saying all students who don’t get it right away, never will.  In truth, we all employ these learning styles and have sophisticated hybrids of these strategies.  Identifying which ones a student uses and training on how to use it effectively is how anyone can get an A at A-Level Maths.  Don’t believe us?  Click here to see our Testimonials.

So why aren’t schools performing these tests on all students?

A detailed cognitive assessment for the learning of Mathematics is an expensive process.  In addition, there are not many people who are trained at performing these assessments.  We hope that in time, educational psychologists will performing these assessments on all students so to help them achieve their full potential.

So why limit your mind to snail pace when after a short assessment, you’ll get keys to turbo boosting your learning?  Click here to arrange your free cognitive assessment.

February 13th, 2013 Author: Sati

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