ELITE’s response to increased university tuition fees

A-Level students and many of the GCSE students are starting to feel the pinch of the fact that universities will be asking for £9000 a year tuition fees. All this will launch in 2012 giving the current A2 students peace of mind.

That said, anybody in A2 thinking of taking a gap year may want to re-evaluate that choice.

ELITE Tuition feels that there are some positives that will come about from the increased tuition fees. For one, universities will be better funded and able to provide better facilities and tuition to their students. Secondly, students need not pay back their student loan until they earn over £21 000 (as purposed). Both of these are improvements on the current situation.

ELITE’s advice to it’s students is to work extra hard knowing that there will be increased competition for university spaces that offer scholarships and those that do not charge tuition fees. In addition, there will be increased demand for courses that lead to well paying jobs.

As a closing comment, we quote Professor James Sefton (Professor of Macro-Economics) who told a group of eager Imperial students “If universities are to compete with their international peers, they need to be funded as well. And with value of a better degree, you should earn a salary that more than compensates for the debt.”

November 3rd, 2010 Author: Elite


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