ELITE’s views on Literacy in Mathematics

With students often required to choose between artistic and scientific A-Levels, there lies a danger that students will develop one set of skills, either linguistic or logical without the appreciation of the value of marrying these skills. We at ELITE Tuition believes that strong literacy skills and strong expressive linguistic skills are vital in Mathematics.

In addition from the obvious reasons why we would need to learn to communicate clearly and effectively, strong literacy and linguistic skills are vital to scientists and mathematicians in that it forms the basis to which they work together and are able to describe their findings. In all likeliness, any given research scientist will be funded by a person with a layman’s understanding and if said scientist is unable to communicate effectively, they are not likely to get any work.

And finally, a teacher’s pet hate is the obsessive use of slang in written essays. Often, students are able to differentiate the use of slang and the use of correct and articulated English, but more and more are we finding students only versed in slang. It is upsetting that they will be harshly judged by their peers for speaking in correct English today, and even more harshly judged by potential employers in the future for speaking without correct English.

Something to think about…

February 11th, 2011 Author: Sati


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