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“I grinned as I saw question after question that ELITE taught me how to ace! I can’t wait to see the look on my teacher’s face on results day.” – Nathan Moore (Achieved an A*)

How did your GCSE Maths exam go on Thursday?

Nathan ran out of his GCSE Maths exam like a world champion. He was confident and sure of his success. And this will be you!  But before that…

How did your GCSE Maths calculator exam go on Thursday?

If it did not go as well as you wanted, don’t panic!

We have predicted the questions that will come up on the last paper.


Our predicted questions for Tuesday’s Maths exam

Our teachers are active examiners and we have predicted the questions that are likely to come up on Tuesday’s Maths exam.  We will send them to you!

Some of these questions are likely to trip you up and cost you valuable marks. We will show you how to ace these questions to get the best grade.

Can you do all of these questions?


How to get the predicted questions

Fill in your details below and we’ll email you the predicted questions. 

We will also text to let you know that we have emailed them, so you can check your junkmail if necessary.

We do not text students directly (as you are under 18) so we would prefer to text your parent / guardian. They will tell you to check your email.

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“My parents told me to take tuition just to check that I was on top of my school work.  But the way I was being taught, I was always ahead of school.  I only scored a B at GCSE but I got an A* at A-Level.”

B Patel – Started with ELITE Tuition, achieved A*. Studies Medicine at Kings College, London.
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