Perpetual Learning Improvement (PLI)

What is Perpetual Learning Improvement?

Our educational learning experts at ELITE Tuition have developed the process to which students routinely review and evaluate the effectiveness of their learning and learning strategies.

Perpetual Learning Improvement (PLI) is the formal process we employ with our students to discuss, develop and record the evaluations of a students’ learning.

There are many ways to learn, ranging from lectures and research to practical empirical experience. With the vast content available both online and in books, students are spoilt for choice for resources to aid their learning.

But learning resources are not the only thing that a student has to consider when evaluating his or her own learning. The following also play a big part on the effectiveness of learning:

  • Study Environment – where the student studies, are they comfortable, is the lighting suitable, is it clean and accessible.
  • Time of day – People peak at different times of the day. A student needs to find which is the most effective time to learn information, and what are the most effective times to consolidate information (these times can differ).
  • Diet – Eating healthy foods can improve study performance. A student should find what works best for him / her.
  • Nature of studying – Some students find themselves remembering information better when they learn in small chunks and practise relevant questions, while others find it better to read all of the information and rest before answering questions.


How does ELITE Tuition uses PLI?

Our educational learning experts are constantly researching study routines and learning strategies to find the best methods for our students. Each student is unique and following the free cognitive learning assessment we provide, our tutors are able to advise on the best learning strategies tailored to the student’s needs.

Our teachers routinely provide student activity based academic goals and provide suggestions in which the student can achieve this. Following which, the student and tutor discuss how effective the learning strategy was in terms of quantity of material covered, time taken, quantity retained after 3 days and ability to answer the assessment questions.

Over time, a student will have an extensive repertoire of effective learning strategies proven to have worked, cataloged to each time of learning required.


What are the benefits of my child developing PLI?

With 100% of our GCSE and A-Level Mathematics students achieving an A or A* Grade, and without any acceptance criteria, the ELITE Tuition mathematics tutoring programme is evidence of how effective the PLI process can be. For examples of the types of improvements achieved, please see our Testimonials page.

From our experience, the PLI process has not only helped our students solve problems in Mathematics, but also improve their ability to tackle problems in their other subjects and personal goals.

We believe that when a student combines Assessment for Learning with PLI, they develop the attitude and skills necessary to be successful in any endeavour. We are proud of our students who have successfully used this to gain offers from Oxbridge, Medical and Dental schools and other competitive prestigious university places.

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“Maths wasn’t my strongest subject but after learning with ELITE, I decided to go for the special paper.  My tutor pushed me to apply to Cambridge and I never dreamt I could even get an interview.  But the Oxbridge support helped me all of the way.”

B Fox – Started with a grade B, achieved A. Studies Medicine at Cambridge
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