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“Ahead in Maths this summer…  ahead for life.”


Imagine a  fun summer tuition programme, getting you ahead in Maths, but also helps you learn so well that school always feel easy, and you always get the top grade.

Thinking of Maths may make your palms sweat, and your heart start racing. That fear that the teacher will ask you to give your answers, and you stare at the cold blank page of working. We have helped hundreds of students like you. 

So far, every student taking the ELITE Tuition Summer Booster Mathematics for either GCSE or A-Level Maths has achieved the A* Grade. What does getting an A* Grade mean to you?

The Summer Booster programme covers key content in the course you will be taking next year and will give you a chance to address any gaps in your knowledge so far.

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Getting ahead in Maths with the ELITE Tuition Summer Programme will give you many benefits such as:

  • One to one tutoring (either in person or via Skype online)
  • Confidence in school when studying Maths.
  • Save time doing Maths homework.
  • Avoid Summer Holiday Learning Loss.
  • Have more time to focus on your other subjects so that they improve.
  • You will discover how to learn effectively. (See below for details)


How will I discover the best way I learn? 

ELITE Tuition has the highest success rate in GCSE and A-Level Mathematics tutoring with 100% of our students achieving an A or A* Grade, regardless of starting grade.

Our tutoring programmes are built around cutting edge teaching and learning strategies such as Assessment for Learning (AfL) and Perpetual Learning Improvement (PLI) which have proven to rapidly and easily improve a student’s performance from any grade to the A* Grade. Please click on the links to find out more about how AfL and PLI work.

The most exciting part is that AfL and PLI are techniques that can be applied to every subject. Just applying this technique will make you find school fun and interesting, while easily getting the A* Grades. But most importantly, you will stand out and be able to apply to the most competitive courses at the best universities like Oxford.

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What is covered?

“I’m taking my GCSE Maths next year?”

Our GCSE Maths Summer Booster programme will cover the A and A* Grade techniques such as:

  • Quadratic Simultaneous Equations,
  • Graphs, transformations and loci,
  • Advanced trigonometry
  • Vectors,
  • Circle Geometry
  • Differentiation and applications (for iGCSE students),
  • Any areas from the previous year you did not fully understand,
  • AfL and PLI development,
  • Focus on exam technique for GCSE / iGCSE Maths.




“I’m taking my First Year A-Level Maths next year?”

Our First Year A-Level Maths Summer Booster Programme will cover the Pure 1 module of your chosen exam board. Getting this far ahead will ensure that your basics are sharp. 90% of the marks you will lose in the entire A-Level Mathematics course will be from knowledge you failed to master in Pure 1. The programmes covers:

  • Pure 1 module (specific to your exam board),
  • Particular focus on surds, indices and inequalities,
  • Particular focus on quadratics, discriminants, and exam applications,
  • Particular focus on sketching curves and coordinate geometry,
  • Any gaps in knowledge from GCSE Mathematics (such as algebraic fractions),
  • AfL and PLI development and how to use it for your other AS subjects,
  • Focus on bridging the gap between GCSE and A-Level exam techniques.




“I’m taking A-Level (Final Year) Maths next year?”

Our Final Year A-Level Maths Summer Booster programmes will cover the Pure 2 A* module of your chosen exam board. Considering the A2 year is when you will sit your A* modules, our students have found that completing Pure 2 ahead of school will give you time to focus on your other subjects, and ensure that you apply the success methods to achieve A* grades in all modules. The programme covers:

  • Pure 2 (specific to your exam board),
  • Particular focus on functions, modulus functions and transformation of functions,
  • Particular focus on exponentials and logarithms,
  • Particular focus on Advanced Trigonometry, identities and exam applications,
  • Particular focus on Pure 2 calculus,
  • Any gaps in knowledge from AS Mathematics,
  • AfL and PLI development as well as how to apply this to A* modules to achieve over 90 UMS.
  • Exam technique development using advanced AfL techniques.


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“I really loved going to ELITE Tuition for my GCSE Maths.  I thought their booklets were really amazing and easy to follow.  I wished they taught the subjects I’m taking for A-Level.”

E – Chare – Started with a grade B, achieved A*. Did not need Maths at A-Level.
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