Top Tips for studying C3 and C4

Are you studying Core 4 in school?  Ever looked and thought “This exam is going to be impossible?”  Are you looking over C3 and C4 and thinking “This is going to pull my grades down.”  Are you shooting for the A* Grade?Last year, 72% of our A2 students scored the A* grade. Below is a short extract of the advice pack we give all of our A2 students.

Exam Guru, Brian Martin lists the key advice all students should focus on when studying the A* modules for A Level Maths.

  • Make sure you remember how to use surds.  Examiners still use surds as a way to make A2 exam questions more difficult.
  • Quadratics are a popular way to test students.  Though these exams will test your knowledge of trigonometry and integration, you will be surprised at the number of times you need to use quadratics to get to the answer.
  • Know your trigonometric identities.  You may convince yourself that you are given all the identities you need in your formulae booklet, but if you need to look them up, you are far from ready.
  • Algebraic Long Division strikes again.  Thought you left this at C2?  Think again.  Anything taught from C1 and C2 is fair game for exam questions in C3 and C4.  This particular technique is increasingly being used in exam questions.
  • Know the rules of logarithms. ln 9 = 2 ln 3.  Did you know that?  You need to.
  • Don’t leave anything to the last minute.  I’m yet to meet a student to has an A* in A-Level Maths who simply left learning C3 or C4 to the last minute.  All of the A* students I have every met studied consistently throughout the term.
  • Do EVERY past paper.  Students at ELITE are required to complete the past papers, the Solomon papers, our own practise papers and the BlueStar Workshops.  Our results is the result.  Do them also.
  • Ask your teacher / ELITE Tutor if there’s anything you don’t understand.  Believe me when I say that your teacher is more than happy to sit with you after school and go through anything you don’t understand if you only give it a try and identify specifically where you get stuck.  If I’m wrong, I’ll personally explain it to you.

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Studying for C3 / C4

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January 29th, 2013 Author: Sati

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