Life Hacks to pass GCSE Maths

Finally, there are easy life hacks to ace GCSE Maths. Become confident in the classroom, get through your homework in half the time and finally achieve the grade you deserve.


Study Maths hacks:

1) Brain hack!

If trying to learn a difficult maths technique, spray a new scent. To trigger that knowledge, just smell that scent again. Our memory is deeply linked to the part of the brain that deals with smells. You’ll be able to recall the most complex memories by simply spraying a new can of Lynx or perfume.

2) Memory hack!

Before an exam, write on a piece of paper everything you would want to take into the exam with you. You won’t even need to take it with you, you’ll remember it.

3) Sweet tooth motivation hack!


Leave a gummy bear trail when reading / doing maths questions to reward yourself for progress.

4) Brain hack!


Take short breaks after 30 – 35 minutes when learning new information. In that break, your mind will form connections. Learning this way is fun and feels less stressful. Avoid listening to new music or watching new TV shows. It will also form connections.

5) Homework hack!


Homework is easiest to do when you start the day it is set. Starting homework on the day will feel easy and you will find it easy to come back to it if you need to. If you are really feeling lazy, just do one question from the homework and leave. The human brain finds it easier to come back work that is already started than trying to start a new piece of work.

6) Avoid mistakes hack!

Re-read the question after you’ve answered it. You’d be surprised how many times students do lots of working but will not actually answer the question. Watch out for units and time. No examiner wants to see 3.2 hours. They want to see 3 hours, 12 minutes.

In Exam Life Hacks:

7) Stress hack!

There are lots of questions on the paper. If you can’t do one, don’t panic. Write what you know and move on. You can easily come back to it.

8) Avoid stupid answer hack!

Check if your answer is realistic. If a second hand car costs £7 million or the mass of the earth is 4kg, you’ve probably got it wrong. Check your working again.

9) Method mark hack!

Maths Exam

If you’re stuck on a question, write down the maths that you think would be relevant. You can get marks for re-arranging an equation or using the correct method, even if you do not arrive at the answer.

10) Exam technique hack!

Exam parts are independent. If you can’t do part a) it doesn’t matter. Move onto part b). If you need a value from part a), it’s usually provided by being a “Show that…” type of question. On average, aim for a minute a mark. Naturally questions towards the end of the paper may take longer. But if you’ve spent 5 minutes on a 5 mark question, finish up and move on.

11) Exam stress hack!


Be familiar with the calculator you will be using in the calculator paper. You are going to want to know where the square root button and not spend ages finding π.


Did you find these useful?

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October 19th, 2015 Author: Sati

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