Life Hacks to pass GCSE Maths

Finally, there are easy life hacks to ace GCSE Maths. Become confident in the classroom, get through your homework in half the time and finally achieve the grade you deserve. Study Maths hacks: 1) Brain hack! If trying to learn a difficult maths technique, spray a new scent. To trigger that knowledge, just smell that scent […]

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What is Summer Holiday Learning loss?

Long awaited Summer Holidays are secretly destroying children’s education. Every student longs for the exciting joys of playing in the Sun, seeing friends, going on holiday and sleeping in til late. Six straight weeks of utter bliss as there is no sight of school. But how much of an impact is such a long break […]

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Last minute revision – GCSE Maths

7 best ways to prepare for GCSE Maths in the last minute!  Warning!  This is a no-nonsense guide!   Tip 1:  Flick through the text book to ensure you know all the formulae At the end of each chapter, you will see a summary section which key formulae and concepts.  Read these!  If you didn’t know […]

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Do you suffer from Exam Anxiety?

Conquer Exam Anxiety What is exam anxiety? The feelings of stress that cause you to freeze in exams, or make silly mistakes can be described as exam anxiety. In some cases, it causes you to lose sleep or eat poorly during the revision period. Despite the best preparation, exam anxiety can cause you to lose valuable […]

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How to pass GCSE Maths

Ten Top Tips to Guarantee you Ace GCSE Maths GCSE Maths is compulsory and is needed to get into University and for many jobs.  Sadly, one in three students fail GCSE Maths and those who pass may not get a good enough grade.  Below are the Ten Top Tips guaranteed to get you a good passing grade […]

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