What is Summer Holiday Learning loss?

Long awaited Summer Holidays are secretly destroying children’s education.

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Every student longs for the exciting joys of playing in the Sun, seeing friends, going on holiday and sleeping in til late. Six straight weeks of utter bliss as there is no sight of school. But how much of an impact is such a long break having on child’s educational development?

Summer Holiday Learning loss is the term given to the loss of academic acumen because of a long disruption to mainstream regular education. This forces teachers to work harder in September to play catch up and remind students of the core skills that they have learnt from the previous year.

It is estimated that up to 20% of a Secondary School academic year is spent reviewing and catching up material that is forgotten. But the impact of Summer Holiday Learning loss is wider than this.

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Educational Learning experts believe that regular learning not only improves academic understanding but also develops higher cognitive functions such as problem solving and reasoning. The effect of a six week long gap in learning often makes students return to school struggling to solve the problems that they could have done the year before.


What can be done to avoid Learning loss?

There are many things a student can do over the Summer Holidays to avoid learning loss. The best ones are listed below:

Review your work

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Yes, something as simple as taking an hour a week to review some of the work you have done over the previous year can mean the difference between you starting strong or starting again. It is estimated that reviewing your work will reduce the learning loss by 80%.

Develop your AfL (Assessment for Learning) and PLI (Perpetual Learning Improvement) skills


Investing some time in evaluating how effective your learning is, and which methods of learning are more effective will rapidly improve your academics. With all of our students, we have seen students whom achieved D grades at AS-Level Maths move onto A* Grades and now studying at Cambridge.


Get ahead of school with a Summer Booster Programme

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Taking a little portion of your free time to learn some of what you will learn next year will mean you return to school like a super hero. You will be the top of the class and feel confident with your learning. And this feeling is addictive. You will always want to stay ahead. This has proven to improve a student’s performance by 100% (improved academic success combined with the reduced time to complete homework and increased student enjoyment).  Click here to find out more about our Summer Booster programmes.


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July 19th, 2015 Author: Sati

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