Last minute revision – GCSE Maths

7 best ways to prepare for GCSE Maths in the last minute!  Warning!  This is a no-nonsense guide!   Tip 1:  Flick through the text book to ensure you know all the formulae At the end of each chapter, you will see a summary section which key formulae and concepts.  Read these!  If you didn’t know […]

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Do you suffer from Exam Anxiety?

Conquer Exam Anxiety What is exam anxiety? The feelings of stress that cause you to freeze in exams, or make silly mistakes can be described as exam anxiety. In some cases, it causes you to lose sleep or eat poorly during the revision period. Despite the best preparation, exam anxiety can cause you to lose valuable […]

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Rise of the ELITE Tutor Supermum

Having a baby is an exciting time for a mother, but giving up work for a year can be a career killer.  With over 60% of first time mothers choosing not to return to work, this can hit the family income hard.  We at ELITE Tuition believe we have found the answer. With over 95% […]

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The Best London Maths Tutor

ELITE Tuition are proud to win the Award for Best London Maths Tutors having achieved our sixth consecutive 100% A / A* for A-Level Maths, and a third year running at 100% A* at GCSE Mathematics – Higher Tier. “The key to becoming a successful Maths Tutor is to carefully monitor how the student is […]

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Top Ten Tips Of A Maths Tutor

Maths is one of those subjects that more kids struggle with than any other in the academic curriculum. Many children, kids and teens need tutors to survive maths programs because they can be very difficult. But a maths tutors are not just for children, they are also for college and university students trying to get […]

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The Cognitive Assessment

Are you a student who struggles with Maths?  Are you parent who wonders how your child learns?  We at ELITE Tuition believe that identifying the way a student thinks is vital to ensuring they achieve the A grade.  It is for this reason that founder and leading Educational Learning Specialist, Sati Kudhal ensures all of […]

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Top Tips for studying C3 and C4

Are you studying Core 4 in school?  Ever looked and thought “This exam is going to be impossible?”  Are you looking over C3 and C4 and thinking “This is going to pull my grades down.”  Are you shooting for the A* Grade?Last year, 72% of our A2 students scored the A* grade. Below is a […]

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Revision Advice for Parents and Students

  With exams creeping around the corner, we at ELITE Tuition wish to offer the best advice to pupils revising and parents looking for ways to help their child succeed. Below are two PDF booklets designed by Educational Psychologists, Teachers, Parents and successful former students outlining ways students and parents can boost their revision and help get the […]

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Advice for AS Maths

    Now that you have received your GCSE grades and are looking to commence your AS courses, we at ELITE feel it is best to share some pearls of wisdom from our expert tutors and former AS Maths students. Parents, teachers and other advisers insist that your A-Levels are perhaps the most important exams […]

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How to write a strong Personal Statement

There are many factors to consider when writing your personal statement. There is no such thing as the perfect personal statement but there is such a thing as the right personal statement. A personal statement is used to answer one simple yet important question. “Why should the admission tutor give you the space over somebody […]

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